Become a book folding artist

Learn how to transform an old book into a beautiful and valuable gift.

Do you like crafting and creating gifts?

With this course for beginners you become a book folding artist by learning how to fold and cut beautiful designs.

You learn how I folded these three designs, but also how to create your own design, so that you can make a beautiful gift for someone you care about, such as a wedding gift.

After this course you are a book folding artist, because you have learned:

  • module 1: which tools to use
  • module 2: how to create a pattern
  • module 3: how to use the tools and pattern to fold a design


  • Free yearly course access renewal, which is helpful in case you don't fold for a while and want to get back to it.
  • Free access to further videos that I will add when I've finished another book to develop new skills.

Click the "Buy now" button to become a book folding artist straight away.

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Price: € 13 / $ 15 *

Duration: 36 min

* To create your patterns, I show you how to use an online computer program which has a free and full version. The costs for the full version are not included in this course. A pattern in the full version costs € 3,50 or less, depending on the number of patterns you buy.

Guaranteed risk-free! If you don't like the course, please email within 60 days and I'll refund your payment in full.

Credit: I learned this technique from the German book "Kirimoto ® & Orimoto ®" by Dominik Meißner.

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