Going zero-waste made simple:
a guide to reducing waste

Stop getting frustrated about (plastic) waste 
by discovering the 4 ways to reduce your waste today.

In this online course, we'll cover the alternatives to get rid of the (plastic) waste that frustrates you so much.

You can use these techniques to stop wasting time scouring the internet for tips.

Don't miss this breakthrough course that will finally show you how to go zero-waste - SO you can Finally empty that bin - if you want to feel:

  • proud of how much you have reduced your waste
  • confident that you do everything you can to reduce waste
  • less frustrated about all the plastic when you go shopping
  • relieved that you found alternatives that work well for you.

The tactics have helped me to reduce my waste dramatically and guide me every time I buy something.

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70 min

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn by doing this course?
After this course, you'll find it very easy to reduce your waste. This is because you know 2 questions you can ask yourself and 4 corresponding answers that will guide you when reducing waste. You also know 11 principles to find ways that suit you well in your daily life.
What can I expect in this course?
The course consists of 70 min of video content, in 33 videos including 11 exercises. You'll also be able to do 11 quiz questions to test your knowledge.
Why are you the perfect person to teach me?
Because I've extensive experience myself, by having done a 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge, making my own daily life more environmentally friendly, every day for a year. And since finishing this Challenge, I have continued gathering new ideas to this date.  Please also have a look at the testimonials further down this page to see what others say about my work.
I can't afford your course. What do I do?
When you can't afford the full course yet, you can do the free short course on how to save money first. You will then be able to save money, so that you come back later to do this course. You can signup for the short course here: https://www.sustainabledecisions.eu/saving-money-opt-in
I don't have time to do the 70 min course. What should I do?
The course is structured in several modules of less then 10 minutes. So, when you're short on time, you can do the first section and come back to do other section at a later date.
Does this course has subtitles?
Yes, it has subtitles in English.
Where can I signup for the course?
When you click this button, you can fill in the order form. After having completed your order, further instructions including login details will be provided on the screen, so that you can start straight away. They will also be sent by email.
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What others say about this course:

"I am so much more motivated now to be more aware of what I buy and how I can change the amount of waste that I produce! Thank you for all your great ideas, easy worksheet and positive energy that you send out! Keep up your great work!"

Nina T.

"Really nice course with a lot of practical examples how I can easily reduce waist in my daily life! Easy to follow and also the teacher is very enthusiastic and very passionate about the topic. Might also be a nice course to do with your kids between the age of 10-12. I can recommend this course to everyone who would like to do something yourself on reducing waste. Start with yourself and make a difference."

Roos V.

"Simple, to the point, clearly explained. Just what you need when you want te reduce waste."

Reinout M.

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