Together we can achieve more

As I believe that together we can achieve a lot more than each of us on our own, I'm very happy to collaborate with:

Feeling overwhelmed by climate change and your day-to-day responsibilities? evry can help. evry is an app that helps you make a habit of healing our planet through personalized daily action plans, a social feed to inspire and be inspired by others, and lots of encouragement! 

Waste not, Want Not (WNWN) is a student initiative at Concordia University (Canada) that couples top-down infrastructure improvement with broad-impact grass-roots education to fight the waste crisis. Since the beginning of WNWN in 2016, Concordia doubled annual composting, and each Concordian reduced their annual overall waste by 16%. The WNWN team is now incorporating a spin-off to replicate that work in other institutions and scale their impact.

The Climate Bet is a campaign, which bets that they will win a million people by the next UN climate conference in Glasgow (November 2021), who will each save at least one tonne of additional CO2 by donating 25 euros to selected climate protection projects and by doing other things to live more environmentally friendly.

DuOptimal assists you and your organisation on the transformational journey of Digitisation/Digitalisation/Digital Transformation to set up your organisation, employees and strategies to successfully take on the future!

Sustainable mPact™ is an action oriented global online community for sustainability that gathers individuals, companies, NGOs and other stakeholders. Through inspiration, engagement, culture, information and action, Sustainable mPact™ contributes to accelerating the sustainability transition.

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