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Have you ever wondered how living more environmentally friendly can be easy?

If so, you're not alone. 

My name is Erlijn and I make it easy for you to live more sustainably, by sharing in this e-book

365 ideas to live more environmentally friendly

After having read this book, you will:

  • feel good that you're making a difference
  • realize you can do so effortlessly
  • realize you can save money and time too!
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How it all started ...

In summer 2019, my former employer initiated a project in which we, employees, were allowed to hand in ideas on how the company could become more environmentally friendly.

As I really appreciated the idea, I brainstormed and came up with the idea of doing a 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge, making my own daily life more environmentally friendly every day for a year. 

... and where I'm now

I realized that it was very easy to come up with different ways to for example reduce waste and energy usage. 

And as I keep up as much as possible, all these small things add up to making a huge positive difference.

That's why I am excited to share these 365 ideas with you, so you can make a huge difference too!

Peek inside the book

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Buy e-book for $ 9,99

Money back guarantee of 60 days.


What others appreciate about my work:

Erlijn is certainly one of the superwomen having the planet at heart. She truly is an outstanding champion for sustainability: in remarkably innovative and incredible ways, she is pioneering new routes to sustainable futures.

Sylvanus Doe

Erlijn reminds us that the simplest changes have such a great impact. She reaches around the globe and touches us all. She is my Angel of inspiration!

Laurel Ramoser

Erlijn has special qualities to motivate all of us to become more sustainable in the little things we do in life. All of them add up. She is very innovative and convincing. She has taken on many challenges and no doubt she will succeed. We all need her to! It is an honour to have worked with her since 2019.

Rod Janssen

Buy e-book for $ 9,99

Money back guarantee of 60 days.