Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

The news on climate change with related challenges and consequences seems to explode at present, as there are many things that require special attention: greenhouse gas emissions, micro plastics, extinction of species and many more. So, it‘s time for each of us to contribute towards a more sustainable future. As trailblazer, speaker, coach and book author, it is my mission to make adopting a sustainable lifestyle easy.

In everything I do, I aim at making a huge, positive difference to our world. In 2019, I started my sustainability journey by doing a 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge, making my own daily life more sustainable in a different way every day for a year. My motto: „A better world starts with yourself“. I‘ve shared these decisions on social media and in a book to inspire others. In addition, I share my experiences and viewpoints as living more sustainably is not only about the actions being taken, but even more so about the underlying mindset. Due to my psychological background (PhD), I can combine knowledge from both aspects to make a more sustainable lifestyle easy. And due to strong language skills, I can do so in Dutch (mother tongue), English and German (Goethe C2).

Apart from knowledge in the fields of sustainability and psychology, I have extensive experience with presenting and teaching in other fields. From 2016 to 2018, I have supported two well-known German TV channels (ARD and SWR) and did many customer presentations as an IT-security expert. Before that, I’ve been teaching students soft-skills, including teaching and presentation skills, presented my scientific work at conferences and did book presentations of my two linguistic books.